Copenhagen Jazz Festival på gång


Det börjar röra på sig kring Köpenhamns jättearrangemang, Copenhagen Jazz Festival. I år hålls den 6 – 15 juli, och nedan finns pressinfo om de första namnen som släppts – Wayne Shorter, Anoushka Shankar och Tony Allen. All info om festivalen finns på

CphJazz2012 ShorterLegendary sax player Wayne Shorter (US), sitar virtuoso Anoushka Shankar (IN), and afrobeat inventor Tony Allen (NG) are all ready for the 34th rendition of Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Thus, the first batch of names for this year’s festival covers three continents as well as three very different musical visions.

Wayne Shorter (US)
American saxophonist Wayne Shorter’s is regarded one of the most significant and prolific performers and composers in jazz. His continually expanding body of work is inextricably linked to the history of modern music. Shorter’s music transcends genre while keeping the improvisational genius and surprise of jazz burning at the center. His childlike imagination and ceaseless innovation in music invite comparison to the enduring vitality of Picasso in the world of art or of Bergman in film.

Starting out as one of Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers, Shorter moved on to become a key member in Miles Davis’ famous “second quintet” (with Herbie Hancock on keys, Ron Carter on bass and Tony Williams on drums) before forming his own band: The jazz fusion group Weather Report.

Today, Shorter continues to dazzle audiences with his Quartet, creating some of the most powerful music of his career with pianist Danilo Perez, bass player John Patitucci and drummer Jorge Rossy (former Brad Mehldau Trio).

If Shorter had never written a single tune, his signature sound and choice of notes, sense of economy and unparalleled expression on both tenor and soprano saxes alone would have earmarked him for greatness. Combine the writing prowess with the fragmented, probing solos and the enigmatic Buddhist philosopher presence and you have the makings of a jazz immortal.

”Life is so mysterious, to me,” says Shorter. ”I can’t stop at any one thing to say, ’Oh, this is what it is.’ And I think it’s always becoming, always becoming. That’s the adventure. And imagination is part of that adventure.”

Shorter first played the Danish capital on 5th of November 1959 with Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers and again on the 4th of October 1964 with Miles Davis Quintet at one of the first incarnations of Copenhagen Jazz Festival, which at the time was a one day event.

Wayne Shorter Quartet (US)
→ The Royal Theater, Gamle Scene, July 10, 8.00 PM
Tickets available for sale March 30, 10 AM TICKETS / BILLETTER

Anoushka Shankar (IN)
Anoushka Shankar is one of the world’s great sitar players and the only artist to be trained solely by her father, the unsurpassed Ravi Shankar. Anoushka made her first public performance at the age of 13 and was touring and recording with her father at the age of 14.

Anoushka released her first record at a mere age of 16, the critically acclaimed “Anoushka”. Since then five studio records have followed – two of which earned her Grammy® nominations for Best World Record.

Anoushka Shankar has not only blossomed as a great sitar player premiering several of her father’s compositions but also as a composer in her own right.

Having first established herself in Indian classical music, Anoushka moved on to experimenting with a fertile crossover mix of Indian and Western musical styles, most recently bringing together the passionate and diverse music of Spain with the vibrant sounds of Indian tradition, tracing the gypsies’ journey from their homeland in Rajasthan to finally settling in Spain on her 2011 record “Traveller”.

Anoushka Shankar (IN)
→ Koncerthuset, Koncertsalen, July 8, 8.00 PM
Tickets available for sale March 30, 10 AM TICKETS / BILLETTER

Tony Allen (NG)
Tony Allen has been described by Brian Eno as “possibly the best drummer who ever lived”. A bold statement which considering Allen’s impressive career might not be too far off. A self-taught musician, Allen began playing the drums at the age of 18 while working as an engineer for a Nigerian radio station.

Studying the instrument by listening to records by American greats like Max Roach and Art Blakey but also Ghanaian drummer Guy Warren, Allen’s unique playing style is equally influenced by American jazz and traditional African music.

Joining Fela Kutis band Koola Lobitos, later to be renamed Africa ´70, in 1964, Allen is considered co-founder of one of the most glorious sub genres of groove music, Afrobeat.

For more than forty years Allen has been honing a distinctive style that crackles with vitality, pulsates with rhythmic wit, and pushes audiences into dance-party ecstasy. When Allen visits Copenhagen Jazz Festival in July of 2012, he will be appearing alongside Detroit soul musician Amp Fiddler.

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