Europe Jazz Media Chart, januari 2019

Europas ledande jazztidskrifter och webbsidor som skriver om jazz har gått samman under namnet Europe Jazz Media (EJM). Målet är att arbeta objektivt med gemensamma mål för att uppmuntra och stärka intresset för jazz och sprida kunskap och medvetenhet om utvecklingen och mångfalden inom jazzen. Ett av de första initiativen är Europe Jazz Media Chart som uppdateras månadsvis. Listan är inte försäljningsrelaterad utan ställer samman uppgifter om vilka skivor de olika tidskrifterna och webbsidorna rekommenderar och tipsar om.

Patrik Sandberg, OrkesterJournalen
Oddjob: Jazzoo 2 (Headspin Records)

Behind the acclaimed bandproject Jazzoo stands the band Oddjob. The band’s music intergrates playfully and effectively with the animal world which is visualised in the richly ilustrated book that accompanies every album and through animations in concerts.
Oddjob’s imagination and their love of children result in a craftsmanship and a groove in the often intriguing och intricate compositions. Oddjob is really in their right element here.

Anna Filipieva, Jazz.Ru
Alexey Kozlov And The Second Approach Trio: Oberiu (ArtBeat Music)

For 30 years the Soviet jazz pioneer, altoist Alexey Kozlov, was thinking over a project based on the poetry by nearly-forgotten Soviet poets from the 1930s, members of OBERIU (Association for Real Art,) the last Russian avant-garde poetry group before political purges destroyed all things avant-garde for the next three decades. In 2008, Kozlov finally found partners brave enough to walk a thin rope between jazz and poetry: the Second Approach Trio with their brilliant classical/jazz/ethno/improv crossover approach. Kozlov played the alto and recited the absurdist verses by OBERIU poets, while pianist Andrei Razin, bassist Igor Ivanushkin and singer Tatiana Komova surrounded the poems with their music, alternating between ironic readings of jazz standards and humorous/macabre free improv. One is not required to understand spoken Russian to catch the spakrling vibe of this live date, released ten years after for the Second Approach Trio’s 20th birthday.

Jan Granlie,
Event Horizon: Space Geode (Chant Records)

Viktor Bensusan,
Arve Henriksen, Eivind Aarset, Jan Bang, Jez Riley French: ‎The Height Of The Reeds (Rune Grammofon)

Jazz Nomad Arve Henriksen and his Soundscapers, Jan Bang, Eivind Aarset and Terry riley French capture the natural and urban sounds, as if they are picking apples from new but familiar territories. Worth listening over and over again…

Henning Bolte, Written in Music
Myra Meldford’s Snowy Egret: The Other Side of Air (Firehouse 12 Records)

The Other Side of Air, a wondrous album title appealing to imagination, has been chosen BECAUSE OF the sheer, lively beauty of this music and the endless pleasure of listening it gave to me with its shifting shades,  its pirouetting whirls, its wonderful juggling of playful particles, its volatile grandeur, its jumpy groove and lyrical graciousness, its completeness and lightness, its atmospheric generosity, its all over astonishing coherent and organic way to expand, turn around, twist, to break down and let reappear wonderful clear and captivating lines. It is five wonderful master musicians in great synch and full individuality: Myra Melford (p), Ron Miles (tre), Liberty Ellman (g), Tyshawn Sorey (dr) and (my special personal favourite) Stomu Takeishi (bass guitar).

Cim Meyer, Jazz Special
Blood, Sweat, Drum + Bass: Concierto de Scheherazade (BSM 04)

A heartrending amalgamation of a very modern big band, a sinfonietta and eastern music.

Lars Mossefinn, Dag og tid
Hedvig Mollestad Trio: Smells Funny (Rune Grammofon)

Axel Stinshoff, Jazz Thing
The Art Ensemble of Chicago and Associated Ensembles: Art Ensemble of Chicago (ECM)

Luca Vitali, Giornale della Musica
Andrew Cyrille, Wadada Leo Smith, Bill Frisell: Lebroba (ECM)

Madli-Liis Parts, Muusika
Harriet Tubman: The Terror End of Beauty (Sunnyside Records)

Mike Flynn, Jazzwise
Rymden: Reflections & Odysseys (Jazzland)

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