JazzFest Berlin 2010 upptäcker Europa

Programmet för Jazzfest Berlin 2010 börjar ta form och kommer att vara komplett den 6 september. Den konstnärlige ledaren Nils Landgren utforskar Europa. Läs senaste pressmeddelandet …

For more than 40 years each fall JazzFest Berlin turns the city into a major international meeting point for jazz musicians and -fans alike. JazzFest Berlin 2010, November 3-7, puts an emphasis on European jazz and will showcase a lot of varieties in a densely packed programme that is contemporary but in a tradition-conscious way.
Several generations of German jazz talent will be featured: from swinging ‘elder Statesman’ Emil Mangelsdorff to restless seeker and innovator Joachim Kühn and up to budding piano talent Pablo Held, to name but a few.

A manifold and long-haul concert is dedicated to “Jazz Institut Berlin”, the city’s musical college, and to ‚Europe’s next jazz generation’ … some staff in attendance, though.

The festival’s cooperation with public broadcasting system ARD emerges as joint projects such as Kinsmen with Indian alto saxophonist Kadri Gopalnath and his American counterpart Rudresh Mahanthappa, a radio station SWR-commissioned appearance by genre-benders ‘zeitkratzer’ and a concert by the Frankfurt Radio Bigband.


From “deep in the heart of Europe”, Austria sends a considerable array, spearheaded by Jazz Bigband Graz. In addition to improvisers like bass clarinettist Denis Colin and baritone saxophonist Céline Bonacina, France sends its “Orchestre National de Jazz” to Berlin paying an extraordinary homage to Billie Holiday.

Artistic director Nils Landgren’s musical survey of Europe – from Helsinki to Skopje and from Kiev to Dublin – has delivered exciting results for the inquiring ear and mind.

The five-day festival calendar is as inviting as it is brimmed with enthralling jazz acts.

Enjoy the ‘live’ excitement at the clubs A-Trane and Quasimodo, at the Savoy Hotel, at Georg-Neumann-Saal of Jazz Institut Berlin – and as always, at Haus der Berliner Festspiele.

The completely scheduled festival programme will be released September 6 and advance booking will start. Information and tickets: www.jazzfest-berlin.de