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Baltic Jazz Festival med sommarkänslor

BoKaspers FotoEsa

  Baltic Jazz Festival was organized this year during 5.-7.2013 for the 26th year with new format and outlook as well as new concert places for bigger audiences at a small village in Dalsbruk, Kimito where it offered classical jazz and blues of high quality in a unique coal factory and archipelago environment near Åbo, Finland. The festival has grown to be one of the biggest jazz festivals in Finland.

This year Baltic Jazz Festival were attended by excellent artists and bands such asSwedish Swing Society featuring David Goloschokin (RUS, vn) & Ulf Johansson Werre (SWE) Sextet, Baltic Jazz 2013 All Stars, Hacke Björksten (SWE) Quartet, Lasse Mårtenson, Antti Sarpila Swing Band with special guest Andreas Pettersson (g), Bo Kaspers Orkester, Hot Club De Andalucia, Remu & Hurriganes, Björn Sjödin (SWE), Spirit of New Orleans with Tricia Boutté (voc) & Leroy Jones (trp) and Erja Lyytinen (g & voc) among others.

Swedish Swing Society with Russian David Goloschokin played Benny Goodman’s well-known evergreens, and multitalent David Goloschokin was showing his skills with flygelhorn, vibraphone and violin.

Ulf Johansson Werre was leading the audience to the 50’s bebop with Stan Getz, Dizzy Gillespie and J J Johnson. Johansson-Werre as trombonist and David Goloschokin with his flygelhorn were excellent as were the other members of the band.

Antti Sarpila Swing Band wtih Andreas Petterson as visiting star in guitar was impressive as usually with nice swinging music.

Lasse Mårtenson was at Baltic Jazz already in 1987 and returned now with songs from ”Smugglarkungen” and ”Stormskärs-Maja” among others. His charm was still left and enjoyable with help of jazz vocalist Sofia Finnilä, Mihai Petrescu & Keith Hall.

Bo Kaspers Orkester, which is very popular in Finland, made a successful visit again. They played a vivid and enjoyable music which was based on everday’s simple texts which is easy to receive by the audience especially by the young audience. They played 17 pieces of their music starting from “Mellan ett och noll” and finishing with the popular “Hotell”. Their performance was the highlight at the Baltic Jazz Festival this year.

Baltic Jazz Festival will be organised again next year in July. For further information see:

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