Tolstoy Crona 2

Baltic Jazz Festival offered good and & sunny music feelings

Tolstoy Crona 2

Baltic Jazz Festival was organized this year during 4.-6.7.2014 for the 27th year at a small village in Dalsbruk, Kimito where it offered classical jazz and jazz shows of high quality in a unique archipelago environment near Åbo, Finland. The festival has grown up to be one of the major jazz festivals in Finland.


This year Baltic Jazz Festival were attended by excellent artists and bands such asAntti Sarpila Swing Band, Viktoria Tolstoy & Claes Crona Trio, Echoes Of Swing Orchestra, Baltic Jazz Trio,  Three Tenors Of Swing, Robin, Dizzy Queens Jazzshow, Engelbert Wroebel’s Swing Society, Baltic Jazz 2014 All Stars,   Kozmic Company, Allan and the Astronauts, Redrama among others.

Antti Sarpila 50th Anniversary Concert / Antti Sarpila Swing Band (Antti Sarpila cl/sax, Marian Petrescu p, Mihai Petrescu b, Keith Hall d) was impressive as usually with nice swinging classical music like “Basiec Jump” for Count Basie.

Tolstoy Crona 1

Viktoria Tolstoy & Claes Crona Trio (Claes Crona p, Hans Andersson b, Rasmus Kihlberg d, Victoria Tolstoy voc) made very enjoyable performance with the excellent Clas Crona Trio playing and singing among others the following pieces: Masquerade, Some Other Time, Come Rain or Come Shine, How Deep is The Ocean, Round Midnight and Caravan.


Echoes Of Swing Orchestra featuring Dan Barrett – ”Portrait of Duke Ellington”
(Colin Dawson trp, Chris Hopkins as, Frank Roberscheuten sax/cl, Engelbert Wroebel sax/cl, Bernd Lhotzky p, Rolf Marx g, Henning Gailing b, Oliver Mewes d, Dan Barrett trb) played very nicely jazz classics such as Take the “A” Train. Mood Indigo, Jeep’s Jumping, There was nobody looking, All too soon, C Jam Blues and It don’t mean a thing.

Baltic Jazz 2014 All Stars (Antti Sarpila cl/sax, Colin Dawson trp, Engelbert Wroebel sax/cl, Frank Roberscheuten sax/cl, Dan Barrett trb, Chris Hopkins as, Bernd Lhotzky p, Marian Petrescu p, Rolf Marx g, Henning Gailing b, Mihai Petrescu b, Oliver Mewes d, Keith Hall d, Shaunette Hildabrand voc) made excellent show and music for the happy audience at Baltic Jazz venue.

Baltic Jazz Festival will be organised again next year in July (3.-5.7.2015). For further information see:

Text & Photo: Esa Paavolainen

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