ELM Trio på Birdland i Helsingfors


ELM Trio, the trio formed by now 25-year-old bassist/singer Esperanza Spalding, the pianist Leo Genovese and drummer Francisco Mela, were on tour in Europe and performed on August 4th at Jamboree Jazz Club, Barcelona, on August 8th at the Jardins do Palacio de Cristal in Porto, Portugal and August 10th and 11th at the jazz club Birdland in Helsinki, Finland.

Esperanza (hope in English) filled fully the music expectations and hopes of the audience at the Birdland Jazz Club in Helsinki and witnessed her amazing talents as an instrumentalist, vocalist and composer.

The ELM Trio played among others Elm Two (Esperanza Spalding), SP (Francisco Mela), Limbo (Wayne Shorter), Pinocchio (Wayne Shorter), ”Signs of Transcendense” (Leonardo Genovese).

The young audience welcomed with great applause these pieces which were performed with skill and lightness, joking and scatting. These performances were real music  without any imago tricking and still good for  mainstream jazz and freejazz for everybody – and for younger real music lovers.

Esa Paavolainen

Birdland Jazz Club in Helsinki
10-11th August 2010
ELM Trio with Esperanza Spalding 

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