Steinar Aardekvam på Brasil-inspirerad turné i Norden


Norske gitarristen Steinar Aardekvam följer upp sin Brasilien-inpirerade cd Abacaxeiro med en turné i Norden:

ABACAXEIRO is the name of critically acclaimed Norwegian guitarist Steinar Aadnekvam’s second studio album following up the international success of his 2010 debut ”Simple Things”. 

Steinar Aadnekvam has lately received a growing attention as one of the most interesting and talented young guitarists from the Nordics, and several reviewers have drawn paralells to the great guitar virtuosos of the 1970s.

Together with him in the Abacaxeiro project, we find noone less than the bassist Junior Areia, leader of the legendaric band Mundo Livre S/A and one of the forefigures in the important Brazilian ”Manguebeat” movement of the 1990’s.

We also meet multiinstrumentalist Alexandre Ferreira, Latin Grammy nominated leader of the Brazilian pop group Cascabulho.

Percussionists Carlos Amarelo and Bruno Vinzoef together could be called “the beat of Recife”. They have participated on over 100 albums during the latest decade and have collaborated with practically all of the important artists from the young, creative and explosive musicscene that has grown out of the state of Pernambuco during the last 20 years.


Oct 27 – Hijazz, Uppsala (Sweden)

Oct 29 – Kulturnatten / Café Blå, Södertälje (Sweden)

Nov 02 – TBA, Gothenburg (Sweden)

Nov 03 – Union Scene, Drammen (Norway)

Nov 04 – Picchus Café, Upplands Väsby (Sweden)

Nov 05 – Fredrikstad Jazz & Bluesklubb, Fredrikstad (Norway)

Nov 08 – Workshop, Södra Latins Gymnasium, Stockholm (Sweden)

Nov 09 – Lasten Etnosoi, Tampere (Finland)

Nov 10 – Jazzoo, Jakobstad (Finland)

Nov 11 – Workshop / Musikinstitutet Jakobstad (Finland)

Nov 12 – Doo Bop Club, Vasa (Finland)

Nov 13 – Etnosoi Festival, Helsingfors (Finland)

Nov 14 – TBA

Nov 15 – TBA

Nov 17 – Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg (Sweden)

Nov 18 – Børneteateret, Copenhagen (Denmark)

Nov 19 – Stallet / Nybrokajen, Stockholm (Sweden)