Videor, vecka 15

Fanny Gunnarsson Quartet. Foto: Elin Hörberg

En vårbukett med nya jazzvideor var det här!

Skicka gärna jazziga videotips till Tack och bock!

Fanny Gunnarsson Quartet: Rue du Jour

Rue du Jour is Fanny Gunnarsson Quartet’s first singel release from their upcoming EP.

El Violín Latino: Los Soñadores/Dreamers

How did Gregor Huebner, a German composer, and violinist of contemporary music, fall in love with Latin Music, and bring El Violín Latino to life? Blame it on Johnny Almendra, a Brooklyn born percussionist and bandleader, who hired him to play with his hip Salsa band, Los Jóvenes del Barrio. This was in 1995, around the time Gregor decided to move to New York City.

For his album EL Violín Latino Vol. 3, Gregor composed a song titled ”Los Soñadores/Dreamers”. The song pays homage to the young adults who immigrated to the United States as little children but remain out of status —no human being is illegal. Under the Trump administration there is great risk of deportation.

Favreuille/Motury/Orins: För

From Julien Favreuille / Christophe Motury / Stefan Orins – Till Mina Vänner (Circum-Disc CIDI1901) Release on April 26 2019

Le Rex: Escape of the Fire Ants

Harry Lime, the charming but dastardly anti-hero in the classic 1949 film noir The Third Man, famously dissed Switzerland saying “they had brotherly love, they had 500 years of democracy and peace – and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock.” The renegade Swiss quintet Le Rex isn’t making up for lost time, but there’s an urgency and creative ferocity to their music that would make Lime reconsider his unfair denigration. Featuring four expert horn players and drums, the band is a rising force on the European music scene, with an irresistibly grooving sound honed on the street and designed for maximum impact in clubs and concert halls.

Kuba Więcek Trio: SUGARboost

Kuba Więcek w wieku lat 24 wydaje drugi album w serii Polish Jazz, mając za sobą przy okazji najmłodszy w niej debiut dwa lata temu – krążek „Another Raindrop” nagrodzony Fryderykiem.

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