Videor, vecka 37

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Jazzkollektivet: Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall in Love

”Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall in Love” med text och musik av Cole Porter. Jazzkollektivet och Öresund Triplettes anno 2018!

Resavoir: Plantasy

a Weird Life Films production

How To Swing Like Mary Lou Williams (Featuring Helen Sung)

Mary Lou Williams was a groundbreaking composer, arranger, performer and mentor. She was also known as ”the lady who swings the band,” thanks to her mastery of swing, ”jazz’s unique approach to rhythm,” says Helen Sung. Sung is a renowned jazz pianist and award-winning composer who won the Mary Lou Williams Jazz Piano Competition in 2007. We asked her to explain what ”swing” is and what makes it so central the sound of jazz, and to show us how to do it.

Petter Eldh & Koma Saxo: Koma Tema

Koma Saxo is a highly potent new five-piece produced by the visionary Berlin-based Swedish bassist-producer Petter Eldh. The lineup brings together five heavy jazz names on the Berlin–Nordics axis, including Eldh on bass, Christian Lillinger on drums and the frontline of three saxes: Otis Sandsjö, Jonas Kullhammar and Mikko Innanen. Despite the top-billing names, make no mistake: this is not just another ”supergroup”, but a real working band with their own sound and musical trajectory.

Taylor Ho Bynum 9-tette: neither when nor where

neither when nor where
from The Ambiguity Manifesto

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